How to use the Eve Cup

There are a variety of folding techniques you can try to see what works best for you. The most popular way is shown in the images below. This particular folding technique makes it easy for the cup to open inside and thus will ensure there can be no leaking. Trying something new will often require some practice in the beginning. Many women do get it immediately, while some of us need just a little time to get used to it. Once you understand how to insert the Eve Cup, you will enjoy the simplicity of it for many years to come.


Inserting the Eve Cup

STEP 1: Wash your hands

STEP 2: Fold the Eve Cup
Please click on the image below to see the enlarged step-by-step-folding-guide. Hold the cup gently while pushing down on the edge with one finger until the cup forms the shape of a tulip flower. By holding the base you insert the Eve Cup and turn it inside so it can fully open.

Tip: Try using the Eve Cup before your menstruation starts. This way you can already become a pro before you actually need it!


STEP 3: Inserting

Insert the Eve Cup whilst making sure it doesn’t go too deep. The muscles inside the vagina are shaped differently in the lower region just above the entrance. Here the Eve Cup can sit comfortably. Keep it as low as possible; just deep enough that you don’t feel the stem.

STEP 4: Turning
If the Eve Cup is inside and it doesn’t open automatically, you can take the base of the cup and turn it. By turning it, the menstrual cup will open fully and ensure no leaking is possible.

Tip: Try standing up and squeezing your muscles a few times. This will shift the Eve Cup into its best position.


Taking the Eve Cup out

STEP 1: Wash your hands

STEP 2: Break the vacuum
You can either hold the stem or squeeze the base of the cup and then gently and slowly pull it down in a zigzag-motion. The squeezing allows some air to enter the Eve Cup, allowing it to come out easier.

STEP 3: Empty the Eve Cup
You can simply empty the Eve Cup in a toilet or washbasin. In some cultures women chose to put it on the earth, as the blood holds many nutrients that help plants grow.

STEP 4: Rinse the Eve Cup
When you wash or rinse the Eve Cup, it is important to use cold water. The combination of warm water and blood can cause stains on the silicone. Cold water allows the blood to wash away quickly. If there is no tap with running water near the toilet, you can use a bottle with clean water or toilet paper as an alternative.


Extra information

Boiling The Eve Cup
It is only necessary to boil the Eve Cup on the first day of your menstruation, before you start using it. The good culture inside your vagina will keep the Eve Cup clean the entire duration of your period. Boiling is the easiest way of sterilizing, and is done by putting the Eve Cup in a pan of boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. Any bacteria will be removed in this short time. Alternatively you can use a natural soap or put it in a glass of clean water with some drops of Tea Tree oil. Just make sure any residue is washed away before using the Eve Cup. At the end of your menstruation, you wash it again before putting it away.

The Stem
At the base of the Eve Cup there is a small stem attached. This can be very useful to easily remove the cup. Some women will feel the stem a little at it’s normal length, so you can decide to cut the stem a little shorter. Some women even choose to cut the entire stem, and will only use the base of the cup to take it out. Do not make this decision too quickly, as the stem can be a very helpful tool.

Storing and Safekeeping
After cleaning the Eve Cup at the end of your menstruation, it is best to keep it in the pouch that you received with your purchase. In this bag it will stay clean and dry, ready for the next period. Do not keep the Eve Cup in a plastic or any sealed bag. Fresh air prevents fungus.

Download your user guide here:
Femfulness Eve Cup – Userguide


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