Why the Eve Cup?

The Eve Cup is a silicone menstrual cup, made to make your time of the month a lot easier and safer. The Eve Cup is an eco-friendly, effective, economical and empowering alternative for tampons and pads. Worldwide many women are already switching to the Eve Cup. The Eve Cup reduces waste and supports the natural process of the female body.

On average a woman uses 11.400 tampons and other hygiene products in her lifetime. All of this waste ends up in nature. Simply by choosing to use the Eve Cup, your waste will decrease dramatically. You only need one Eve Cup that will last up to ten years! Not everyone can afford solar-panels or a hybrid car, but the mindful choice of the Eve Cup will have a great effect on your footprint.

Regardless of your flow – whether it is long, short, heavy or light – you only need one Eve Cup that will last for years. Because of the sustainability of the high quality silicone you will save a lot of money in a very short time. Just imagine how much you spend every month on buying tampons. With our current attractive pricing and free shipping, there is no reason not to get the Eve Cup.

The cost of one cup is the equivalent of three months of tampons. The difference is that you can use the Eve Cup for up to ten years! In addition, the Eve Cup collects three times the amount of menstrual fluids than the biggest tampon available. This ensures you a longer-lasting protection, even on very heavy days.

The silicone used for the Eve Cup is hypoallergenic and is therefore suitable even for the most sensitive woman. The Eve Cup can easily be worn during travels, swimming, exercise and sleeping. Since it collects the blood and does not absorb it, the natural pH inside the vagina is maintained.

The Eve Cup supports the natural process of the female body. When using the Eve Cup you become more aware of your body, developing a more intuitive and empowered appreciation of what works for you. This intimate care helps you develop a healthy relationship with your flow, and will inspire a surprising sense of wellbeing you can’t anticipate before making the switch from conventional products.

The Eve Cup is made from medical grade silicone; it is latex-free and contains no toxins or bleaches. This makes the Eve Cup one of the safest menstrual products available.

Tampons are usually made from synthetic fibers that go through many chemical processes to become white and compact. The absorbent function of tampons can cause dryness and irritation. In addition the chemicals inside the tampon will be absorbed into the bloodstream. Some women feel an increase of cramps during menstruation, others experience Candida or in very rare cases ‘Toxic Shock Syndrome’.

Always make sure to take care of personal hygiene during your period, this eliminates any chances of infections. The menstruation cup has never been associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome since the invention in 1930.


Eve Cup Tampons Pads
Safe to wear overnight  *  *
No need to change for up to 12 hours  *
Nothing to throw away  *
Comfortable  *  *
Highly reliable  *
Suitable for swimming, sauna and other activities  *  *
Entirely invisible  *
Requires little space to store  *  *
Can be comfortably worn before the start of period  *  *
Does not interfere with the body’s natural processes  *  *
Contains no harmful substances  *
Leaves no fibers behind  *  *
Not associated with TSS  *  *
Not associated with fungal or bacterial infections  *
Does not irritate or create dryness  *
Environmentally friendly  *
Lasts for many years  *
Cost effective  *
Can be used with an IUD  *  *  *
Unaffected by a tilted uterus  *  *
Hypoallergenic  *